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How to Instal & Use the Nokia Phoenix Srevice software



    Go to “Start” > “Control Panel” and open “Add or Remove     Programs.” From the list of programs, find “Nokia PC Suite,”    “Nokia Software Updater,” “Nokia Care Suite,” “Nokia Modem     Drivers,” “Nokia Connectivity Drivers” and any other Nokia     application. Next to each of these applications, click the    “Remove” button and uninstall it.


      Restart your computer. Once the system loads, temporarily       disable anti-virus software if it's running on the computer.       You can right-click its icon on the system tray, and select         the “Disable” option.


     Charge your phone, and make sure your phone’s battery is      50 percent or more.


      Download and install Phoenix Service Software.When the       file downloads, double-click the file and follow the       onscreen instructions to complete installation. After          installation, the application will go to “C:\Program files      \Nokia\Phoenix\Products\.” Start the software by going to       “Start” > “Programs” > “Phoenix Service Software.”


     Connect your Nokia phone to the computer using a USB      cable. When the phone prompts you to select a mode,      select “PC Suite mode.” Now Windows will automatically      start installing the connectivity drivers.


     Click “File” in Phoenix window, and select “Manage      Connections.”

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       Click “New” and select “USB” as the type of cable you are       using.


     Click “Next.” Now the application will find the connected      phone and will display “FOUND.”


     Go to “Flashing” from the top menu, and select the option     “Firmware Update.” A window will now open, from which you      have to select “Browse” (the button with three dots).


      Select your region/country from the list, and click “OK.”
       (select ppm file)only


      Click “Refurbish.” The phone will start flashing. Don't press any button. In fact, if possible, don't even touch it until the flashing has finished. Don't touch the cable or your computer either. Once Phoenix is done flashing, it will tell you to remove your phone from the cable.


       Remove the cable and the phone, and wait for your phone to restart with the latest firmware. The flashing procedure shouldn't take more than eight to nine minutes.


                first of all download nokia firmware file & install it pc




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